Banggood Kicks off Black Friday Promotion, Launching Installment Payments Solution in UK and Germany
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GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Banggood, a leading cross-border e-commerce retailer, has announced the start of its Black Friday promotion today, which will continue until the end of November. To ensure a fast and seamless shopping experience, Banggood has also inked a new partnership with the online payment solutions provider Klarna to launch installment payments in the US, UK and Germany.

With millions of coupons and products at up to 80% off, Banggood is introducing several new exciting features, such as Banggood Official Recommendations and the pre-sale activity Price Storm, to make shopping even more fun.

Banggood will hold three major phases of promotion:

To meet the strong consumer demand in the European and American markets during the Black Friday shopping holiday, Banggood has been continuously expanding the logistics network of Banggood Express, which launched in mid-2020. It has significantly optimized its operations and cut down on delivery time, achieving delivery to countries across Europe in just six days and deliveries to the US in eight.

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