Former Heads of State Join ToJoy As EU Executives

Mr. Letta and Mr. Faymann join other former heads of state working with ToJoy, including former Costa Rican President José María Figueres, former Serbian President Boris Tadić, and former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme. They will play active roles in promoting ToJoy's internationalization strategy. The Chinese company is the country's largest business accelerator and has created an ecological sharing platform that has enabled a number of Chinese companies to quickly grow exponentially in China.  

In its current phase of global growth, ToJoy is welcoming global quality projects to join its platform and seize similar opportunities in China, with the eventual goal of enabling Chinese and global projects to expand worldwide. 

At a welcome ceremony on July 25th, Mr. Letta expressed his conviction that ToJoy's practice of sharing economic opportunities represents the future of global business. 

At a similar event on July 28th, Mr. Faymann stressed that "We need fair economies, a peaceful world, and close cooperation to solve the problems that have arisen in society. What ToJoy is undertaking offers us a good path and practice case." 

Chairman of ToJoy Group, Mr. Junqing Lu, welcomed the two former leaders, saying, "One of our dreams is to let business cross national boundaries. The joining of these two international figures demonstrates that ToJoy is putting its cross-border and sharing ideas into practice."  

Those cross-border and sharing practices are at the forefront for Chinese companies as the Belt and Road initiative continues to develop. Mr. Jun Ge, Global CEO of ToJoy Group added, "What ToJoy pursues is the ultimate goal that the Belt and Road Initiative seeks to achieve: to bring the greatest possible benefits to businesses and consumers globally." 

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