Hisense Launched First Social TV With Exclusive Hi Table Interactive System in Chinese Market


Hisense Social TV with Hi Table system will become the platform of home entertainment and interaction. The features of six-party video chat and cinema sharing will support users to allow real-time chat with family and friends when they are watching TV shows and sports matches together.  

Through 3D Avatar karaoke, users could sing karaoke in virtual scenarios such as Tokyo, Paris and any other places they like, and the 5G technology makes it possible to invite friends to sing online together. With AI fitness function, the social TV allows users to exercise in their living room under the guidance of AI body posture. The AI visual recognition function of Hisense social TV is even more powerful. If users want to take a photo, they can just tell the TV. The TV can also help users analyze appearances and compare with a pop star. With the assistance of the functions, customized service such as dressing-up, calories monitor will come true. 

According to Hisense, the price of the 55-inch flagship social TV S7E is ¥6499, and the standard S7 is ¥4999. 

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/962901/Hisense_Social_TV.jpg