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SHANGHAI, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading industry technical service provider Leadec announced the launch of their new three-stage maintenance cost consultation service, aimed at improving manufacturing efficiency and helping manufacturers find cost reductions.

In recent years, cost savings from manufacturing have become increasingly difficult to find. However, through its new consultation service, Leadec aims to arm manufacturers with the understanding, information, and action plans to realize where and how additional cost savings can be made. Helping companies to further develop robust maintenance solutions and improve operational efficiencies.

Gerwin Gädigk, Executive President, Leadec Asia said: "Due to the exponential growth of industry in China, 80% of manufacturing equipment's cost of ownership is often overlooked. Although these costs cannot be easily seen, they have a significant negative impact on operational margins and addressing these maintenance opportunities can provide additional cost savings. We at Leadec-China have decided to help manufacturers realize these savings with the introduction of the Leadec China Cost Health Check."

The Leadec-China Cost Health Check is designed to work in three stages.

Customized technical industrial services are a key component of Leadec's core business. This cost health check service combined with expert on-site support provides manufacturers with a winning formula as they look to improve efficiency and reduce future costs.

About Leadec

Leadec is a leading German industry technical service provider with over 50 years' experience servicing manufacturing industries across the world.

In China, Leadec's team comprises of over 1,500 employees across 50 locations. Leadec provides customized industrial solutions including production equipment maintenance, technical facility management, technical cleaning, operational manufacturing support, electrical & mechanical installation, disassembly, relocation solutions and digitalization.

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